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Talk about Manabu class part.1

It was the 45th anniversary of the Treasure Island animation. In the first part, we all watched the animation of episode 10 of Treasure Island together on Twitter space. Thank you so much for coming today! 2nd part, we talked about Manabu's animation class at animation small school.



Special Guest:




Ruka: Hello, I’m Ruka Ito. Nice to meet you. We are host of this space. Please turn on the microphone. We will start recording now. Let's start talking as we are recording.

Danna: OK.

Ruka: Let's start introducing ourselves. My name is Ruka Ito. I first learned animation in Class of Manabu Ohashi at school. The two special guests are my classmates.

Danna, Koeda: Nice to meet you. A sleeping cat also joins in together.

Ruka: Is the cat sleeping?

Danna: Yes.

Ruka: You also make cat animations with Koeda, right? Is The cat “Boris” your cat?

Danna: The cat sleeping now is Naya. It’s female cat.

Ruka: How cute.

Danna: Koeda made this cat animation. This animation is a work before the work called Indie Boris’s animation. Naya is the first animated main character.

Ruka: I remember too. I saw Koeda’s film at class. I thought she was an artist who drew cats. It was impressive.

Danna: I also made a trumpet animation.

Ruka: There was also a spring cat animation, right? And baseball cat.

Danna: We made this the year I was in class with Ruka.

Ruka: I remember correcting the scene where Manabu was throwing a baseball.

Danna: It's on YouTube.

Ruka: I'd like to talk to you today as if we were sitting in a cafe, but I'm a little nervous.

Danna: Having a cat next to me helps relieve tension.

Ruka: Why did you choose to create a work of cats? How did you make it with Manabu? I was remote, so I didn't see your storyboards. What kind of discussion did you have with Manabu? Do you have any memories with him?

Koeda: The first one is a memory from an effects animation class. I wanted drawing light and explosion effects. But he looked at my painting and said he wanted to see the effect of the water. I ended up doing water effects animation.

Ruka: Why! You were surprised, right?

Koeda: Yeah! Everyone was able to do whatever effect they wanted.

Ruka: Maybe he wanted to see your water animation.

Koeda: He said that water means home. I had no idea.

Ruka: Understood. Isn't it because human life comes from the sea?

Koeda: Manabu always gives a reason.

Ruka: I had a conflict of opinion with Manabu when I was creating the piece. Do you have any memories from when you and Manabu created cat animation together? He also participated in your animation as a voice actor, right? I was surprised.

Koeda: I said I wanted to add applause to the trumpet cat animation. Many animals will appear. I asked them to applaud. Manabu thought the sound of foot stomping was interesting and suggested the idea.

Danna: For the baseball animation, we talked about including director Dezaki's direction. We shot the same cut twice. Like Joe animation. The scene where he gets hit by a ball in the face was also inspired by Joe's animation. The teacher made a rough animation. I remember it well.

Ruka: That’s cool animation. The throwing scene and the scene where the ball hits were very powerful. This is my favorite moment. Had you already seen Dezaki's work when you were making it? Have you seen Dezaki's works for a long time?

Danna: I wasn't as aware of it as I am now, but I've known the name for a long time. I was watching it as a result. Rose of Versailles, Cobra etc. I drew it while remembering Dezaki's performance.

Ruka: When I think of Dezaki, I think of Manabu. I feel like the two have a deep work connection.

Danna: At the beginning of class, there was an opening time of five minutes for speaking by Manabu. He also talked about Director Dezaki several times.

Ruka: There were no speeches by him in my year! I remembered Toshio Hirata story of Golden bird. I remember a little bit about the story of Treasure Island. I may not have remembered much because I didn't know much about Dezaki when I was in class. There may have been more talk about Dezaki in the last class.

Danna: Maybe it's something you heard at a gallery.

Koeda: I remember it at the samurai art exhibition. There was a talk show with Manabu. We asked him about his upbringing and his work. I remember he talked many memories of Dezaki.

Danna: Manabu talked about it at school too. Dezaki said that everyone would hold a moment of silence for Manabu's wife.

Koeda: I learned about the existence of Manabu's class at the Samurai Art Exhibition. I believe it was the third time of class. Ruka joined 5 th class. Koeda Joined 4th class.

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